And Then She Was Two

JoyAnna turned two yesterday. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that. Matt commented a week ago saying,”It seems like forever ago that we left to head to the hospital to see her, but seems too soon for her to be two.”


Part of her short life has been a blur, one that tried to steal precious memories and moments from me. The other part has been made of memories I am storing away, to recall, to smile about, and to treasure.


She came into our our lives and gave us something we were missing, something we needed, and all of us simply adore her and treasure her presence. True to her name she is beautiful and a joy.


In the last month she has gotten very vocal and knows what she wants and when she wants it. She loves to eat (in true McEntire child fashion) and loves to laugh and dress up.


Part of me wishes she would have stayed a baby forever, but the other part of me loves to experience each new stage and day with her. Seeing the wonder of the world in the eyes of your child is a gift, one I will never take for granted.


Our little miracle rainbow baby is a gift. One who isn’t a baby anymore, but will never cease to be a constant and tangible reminder of God’s goodness. Every glance at her is a glimpse into heaven.


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