Welcome to our blog.

We are a family of nine, split between Heaven and Earth. Five of us live passionately here while four of our children are in Heaven waiting for us.

This blog is about how we live life. Our family is adventurous and out going. We love unconditionally, care deeply, dream big, work hard, and live loudly.


Matt and I were married in June of 2006. I had always been pretty healthy and immediately had a slew of health complications. Two surgeries in 8 months and then we suddenly found out we were pregnant. Two months later I miscarried and found out that that I needed yet another surgery.


A diagnosis of PCOS and infertility afterwards was devastating to us. I did a ton of research and began to make some lifestyle changes. We prayed, fasted, changed our eating habits, and did everything possible over the next three years to get pregnant again with no success. We filled out adoption paperwork and hadn’t it in our car the day we found out we were pregnant again. Gabriella arrived safe and sound in February of 2010.


I did even even more research into PCOS and infertility and we decided to go paleo, before going paleo was even a “thing”. Six weeks later we were pregnant with Xander! He was born in December of 2011.


In June of 2013 we miscarried twins. It devastated us, taxed our relationship and caused a lot of hurt feelings and tension among our relationships with friends and family.


We moved out out of state a few months after losing the twins and got pregnant a year later, in 2014. It ended in another miscarriage.


A month after our last miscarriage we got pregnant again. That pregnancy was the absolute worst nine months of my life, a season I would not have made it through with out my amazing husband, friends and online community (www.pregnancyafterloss.com) It ended with our sweet daughter arriving happy and healthy on the hottest day possible.


I am a lover, a dreamer, a believer. I look for the good in everything and every one. I have never doubted God’s goodness, His love, His faithfulness. I know my sweet babies are with Him, but I still miss them fiercely. So I live my life, my physical body here living with PCOS and various food allergies, while my spirit awaits the day when our family is whole. It’s an odd thing, to be caught in between the present and eternity, but here I am.